Agriculture in Maharashtra

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India being predominantly an agricultural land, approximately 58% of the rural Indian population depends on agriculture as the primary means of earning their livelihood. Agriculture plays a critical role in enhancing India’s economy. Agricultural and allied sectors have contributed approximately 18% to the total Indian GDP at 2011- 2012 prices. The contribution of the agricultural sector to the Indian GDP is more than the global average which is 6.1% according to the Ministry of Statistics and Program implementation, Planning Commission, Government of India. Owing to this there is a considerable demand for packaging agricultural produce. Maharashtra has become an industrial state but also continues to largely be an agricultural state, with a large population of farmers. The agricultural sector in Maharashtra has witnessed a positive 12.5% growth which can be attributed to the increased rainfall according to the Maharashtra budget analysis for 2016-2017.

Apart from the main cash crops like sugarcane, turmeric and cotton, onions are also produced and consumed on a significant scale. The farmers in Maharashtra bring their agricultural harvest to the Agricultural produce Marketing Committee certified markets (APMC) markets.  Our factory is located close to two main APMC markets in Pune and Mumbai, with Mumbai also being an important port in India.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), India is the second largest producer of onions further catering to the world demand of onions as per their statistical report of 2010-2011. According to APMC, Maharashtra is a leading producer of onions. Out of the 60 lakh tonnes annual production of the country, 16 lakh tonnes of onion production is from Maharashtra. Maharashtra has the largest market share in onion production in the country at 29%  as per APMC. The area under cultivation of onions has also increased over the past few years. Also according to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Maharashtra is a leading onion exporter. Onion exporters in Maharashtra have made a swift transition from packaging onions in jute bags to leno bags. Leno bags are the need of the day with the rising export of onions. Onions are cultivated in three seasons across the year in Maharashtra owing to the favorable climatic conditions in the state. Onion production is largely dependent on rainfall with the crop requiring a considerable amount of water. Maharashtra has topography, soil pH and temperatures which favor the crop produce and the substantial rainfall over the last years has benefitted the onion crop.

Leno bags are a product required all year round owing to the large scale production of onions. Sunbeam Lenopack Pvt. Ltd.  And the group of companies has a handsome share in providing packaging solutions for onions produced across the country and majorly in Maharashtra. The group also exports 15% of its annual production.

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