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The industry of packaging keeps evolving. It has seen a lot of products with materials ranging from cardboard, brick cartons and glass to plastic. The use of plastic in the packaging industry is significant. Both HDPE and LDPE are used widely in packaging. Plastic is both used in flexible and rigid packaging.

For exporting fruits and vegetables one product that is extensively used is “Leno bags” or “Mesh bags”. Leno bags offer resistance from damage due to moisture since their mesh structure permits the flow of air through the fabric of the bag, thus keeping the contents of the bag away from contamination due to humidity. Leno bags are made from Polypropylene. They have good strength and durability. The bags can thus sustain rough handling during transport. They are also resistant to corrosive chemicals and fungus.  The bags allow the buyer to view the contents with ease, thus inspection is facilitated. Leno bags are also comparatively lighter in weight to its counterpart products like jute bags or corrugated boxes. It has become the need of the day to cater to the growing demand with cost effective packaging. Leno bags also have a good shelf life based on its use.

Leno bags are broadly used for packaging of onions. Onions require ventilation once packed. To ensure freshness of onions the air circulation needs to be guaranteed.  Hence Leno bags are the economical and worthwhile solution.

Leno bag designs have also progressed over the years. Bags now have drawstrings for opening the bags which add aesthetic appeal to the bags while enabling easy operation. Also bags now have lamination with the required information about the vendor.

Sunbeam Lenopack Pvt. Ltd and the group of companies has been a group which has successfully sustained in the competition of leno bag manufacturers and has further emerged as a company which embraces change in terms of new developments. The group of companies encourages research and takes necessary steps to bring about diversification in the appropriate direction. It is a group which is cognizant about the advancements in the packaging industry and tries to inculcate these improvements in their production techniques.

The group has evolved from manufacturing leno bags from PP tape which was earlier purchased from PP thread suppliers to now manufacturing PP tape in house while making using of virgin material and ensuring the quality of its end product.

Another important aspect is that the working community functions together as a family and every production order is worked out with a positive drive and enthusiasm. Also the group holds a great standing in terms of conduct, demeanor and work ethic with its client base. The company owes its success today to the far sightedness of the senior directors, informed decision making, its calculated risk approach, and largely to its working community and the rapport with its clientele.

If you use our Leno bags, satisfaction is confirmed. The company pledges to secure supreme quality while consistently upgrading to better standards.

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