We are in the business of Leno Bags for the last 12 years.

In addition to Leno bags the company also manufactures stitching yarn used for stitching bags. The product is named “JUSTITCH”.

Another product launched by the company is PP string used as a support for climbing creeper vegetables like cucumbers, capsicum and grapes to mention a few.
The product is named “ GAGANVEL”.

Leno Bags/Mesh Bags

Some of the important characteristics which distinguish our product from others are as follows:

  • Strength and Durability
  • Light-weight
  • Ability to withstand long hours of transportation and rough handling
  • The mesh makes the fabric permeable to air thereby facilitating aeration
  • Resistance to fungus and rodents

Woven fabric is manufactured from high quality PP tape over state of the art circular looms. The bags have stripes and edges as per customer needs mainly for color coding and aesthetic appeal. Also we provide customized bags with labels (BOPP lamination) as per customer design which may include the following:

  • Product picture
  • Logo
  • Trader name and Contact

The Leno bag is made of mesh fabric of virgin Polypropylene (PP) with color Masterbatch.

Our Mesh bags have a good shine and a gloss or matte finish as per requirement. Labels further help enhance the product presentation.

Length As per requirement
Width 5” – 28” (12.7 centimeters to 71.12 centimeters)
GSM, Mesh, Denier As per requirement
Colors As per requirement
Packaging Bale Packing – As per needs
Bag opening As per requirement
Lamination As per requirement

Stitching Yarn

The stitching yarn is used for sewing bags. The yarn is durable, lightweight and reasonable priced. The length of one spool of yarn is 10,000 meters approximately.
The product is branded as “JUSTITCH”

PP String

PP string is used as a support for climbers and vegetable creepers. It is ultra-violet rays stabilized (it exhibits resistance to any damage from UV rays of the sun). It is hard wearing, lightweight and a cost effective solution for farmers cultivating plants like pumpkins, tomatoes, bitter gourd to mention a few. The length of one spool of yarn is 2500 meters approximately. The product is branded as “GAGANVEL”.

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